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Contact or reservation
RenĂ© Muller 
airaime1@gmail.com  +33 ( 0 ) 6 07 47 35 66
In your request, thank you for indicating me your complete address and phone number, the number of people all in all, and if need, the age of the children and the race of the dog
For the contract, here is the procedure: I join you the contract and a RIB. If it suits you, you return me the contract signed by e-mail and you make a transfer of  deposit on joined Rib. As soon as the transfer appears, the reservation is effective. You will receive then a confirmation with details.

The villa is not visible any more on Abritel  this platform, which verifies anything increases of 12 % the rent to the tenants and obliges the reservations and on-line payment, by cutting totally the renters of the owner.

The tourist information office on the other hand verifies the on-the-spot rent and encourages the dialogue between both parts, without increase and allows even transfers.